Hair quality improvement specialty salon LOTTA CUCCI Omotesando store

①All seats are semi-private rooms, providing a high-quality space ♪ Covid-19 measures ◎ Fully equipped with tablets and drinks

[All seats are semi-private], so it is recommended for those who want to be healed in a premium space where they can relax without worrying about other customers.

We use a dream shampoo stand, so we promise you the best time.

②All staff members are qualified as hair quality improvement masters.

A salon where you can experience real hair quality improvement

For those who tried to improve your hair quality, but “it’s become rough” or “I couldn’t feel the effect” “Cleaning method” etc. We instantly customize the hair care product based on your “Hair concern”, “Previous treatment”, “Method of maintenance”  etc.

A salon that can improve real hair quality, not something that temporarily improves.

③All colors use diamine allergy countermeasures.

When people use coloring 100 to 150 times, diamine accumulates in the body and causes diamine allergy. LOTTA CUCCI uses materials that prevent diamine from penetrating into the body, so you can enjoy fashion with peace of mind.

④We will solve your problems according to your age in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s.

LOTTA CUCCI has received high praise in each age group, and we take time for counseling, and are a salon that meets the concerns and wishes of our customers.

⑤The hot topic is the finest curly hair straightening that contains highly concentrated nutrients specialized for each curly hair.

LOTTA CUCCI is a salon that holds curly hair straightening courses for hairdressers nationwide. Please experience a higher-grade curly hair straightening.

⑥A salon with plenty of diamine-free coloring.

LOTTA CUCCI has a wide variety of diamine-free colors, and is a must-see salon for those who want to protect their scalp, suffer from itchiness, and want to protect their scalp.

⑦A salon that specializes in blurring gray hair.

A person who has white hair here and there instead of gray hair all over. People who want to make gray hair growing from the root inconspicuous. People who want to reduce the maintenance frequency of gray hair dye. Recommended for those who want to cover gray hair while maintaining a three-dimensional and stylish style while taking advantage of gray hair!

⑧A salon that specializes in inner color and earring color.

You can add your own personality to dark hair, and people who are hesitant about dyeing their entire hair can take on the challenge of bright colors.

[Inner color that suits adults] is also recommended!

⑨Many male customers also come to the store ♪ Wide range of correspondence from business to casual style

We propose custom-made styles that match each customer’s [lifestyle], [desired image], and [hair concerns].

A style that can be enjoyed in any scene from business to casual☆

Men’s curly hair straightening is also very popular!